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Tower of London

Tower of LondonThe Tower of London is the oldest city construction which could witness the legions of Romans and Saxons. Its founder is considered to be Wilhelm I (Duke of Normandy, William the Conqueror). Having conquered England he began erecting defenses and the Tower of London became the largest of them. The great construction was started to be built from the White Tower - the heart of all the structure. The White Tower represents a quadrangle 32 meters wide and 36 meters long. Its height is about 30 meters. The building was finished in 1100. In the times of Richard the Lionheart the Tower was extended by some more towers and walls. Under his rule it was also surrounded by the moat. more »

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is rightfully considered to be one of the main sights of London. The history of Westminster began in 1065 when Edward the Confessor founded Benedectine Abbey at the place of the church which had existed there. Westminster Abbey had been acquiring its present appearance since the XIII century, in the times of Henry III, its construction was over only in the XVI century.

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The British National Museum

британский национальный музейThe British National Museum is justly considered to be the pride of London. It is a unique treasury keeping the enormous experience of the civilization and having about seven million of exhibits.  The history of the British Museum dates back to far 1753. While the first visitor stepped under the museum vaults on the 15th of September 1759. As it often happens, the museum owes its existence to the generosity of patrons. Only three persons managed to make such a foundation which allowed the museum to rise this high.  The richest collections of Hans Sloane, the famous library of Robert Cotton, the unique manuscripts of Robert Harley – these all became first exhibits of the museum and foredoomed its further destiny, the destiny of the universal museum. more »

What makes a good language school?

English language schoolsEvery year, thousands of young people come to Great Britain to learn English. They come from a range of backgrounds, and have varying expectations of what their stay in the country will be like. Two things they all have  right to expect, however, are that their stay in Great Britain will be reasonably enjoyable, and that they will return to their countries speaking English a lot better than when they left them. How can a language school ensure that these expectations are not disappointed? more »

Getting men pregnant

Getting men pregnantThe new decade has been ushered in with assurances that women will achieve a new prominence in the Nineties. They will, the media assure us, the major earners in the family, and they will be ‘older’, like everyone else in this rapidly ageing democracy. Superwoman, whose existence depended on there being a male provider in the background, may suddenly find herself the sole earn in the family. So how could things even out a bit? Surely one doesn’t have to look far. No woman, it can safely be said, would enjoy – or would ever have enjoyed – the doubtful pleasures of domesticity without the compensation of bearing and rearing children. To watch someone else go through the experience of pregnancy and childbirth is very different from undergoing it oneself – almost as great as the difference between being an actor with a leading part and an understudy who never gets a chance to shine. more »

Drugs in sport

drugs in sportMany kinds of drugs are used by athletes competing in sports all over the world. Some are used to build muscles or give the athlete extra energy. Others kill the pain of inquires or calm nerves, but many are illegal. Taking substances to improve sports performance is not new. Athletes in ancient Egypt drank a mixture of boiled donkey hoof, rose petals and rose-hips, believing it would make them winners. more »

Children at work

children ar workChildren at work is very important part of laws which is necessary to tighten.  Last week in the National Paper reported that some children in the south of England earn any more than 30 pounds a week delivering newspaper. There was a terrible fuss. Some people were worried that the children were doing too much work others felt that people were getting greedy at too earlier age.  more »

Colour and health

colour and health

Some scientists claim that colour can have a dramatic effect on our health. The theory is that all biochemical structure, whether they are human, plants or animals respond to light and as colours give out different amounts of light, each of them will automatically do us good or harm. more »

Corporal punishment

corporal punishment

There is independent school in Britain still to cane girls for misbehaving. The headmistress believes that if boys are beaten the girls must be too. They deserve equal punishment. more »

Law in Britain

law in britain

Law in Britain comes from two main sources: laws made in Parliament (usually drawn up by government departments and lawyers) and common law, which is based on previous judgments and customs. Just as there is no written constitution, so England and Wales have no criminal code and the interpretation of the law is based on what was happened in the past. The laws which are made in Parliament are interpreted by the courts, but changes in the law itself are made in Parliament. more »