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What makes a good language school?

English language schoolsEvery year, thousands of young people come to Great Britain to learn English. They come from a range of backgrounds, and have varying expectations of what their stay in the country will be like. Two things they all have  right to expect, however, are that their stay in Great Britain will be reasonably enjoyable, and that they will return to their countries speaking English a lot better than when they left them. How can a language school ensure that these expectations are not disappointed? more »

Getting men pregnant

Getting men pregnantThe new decade has been ushered in with assurances that women will achieve a new prominence in the Nineties. They will, the media assure us, the major earners in the family, and they will be ‘older’, like everyone else in this rapidly ageing democracy. Superwoman, whose existence depended on there being a male provider in the background, may suddenly find herself the sole earn in the family. So how could things even out a bit? Surely one doesn’t have to look far. No woman, it can safely be said, would enjoy – or would ever have enjoyed – the doubtful pleasures of domesticity without the compensation of bearing and rearing children. To watch someone else go through the experience of pregnancy and childbirth is very different from undergoing it oneself – almost as great as the difference between being an actor with a leading part and an understudy who never gets a chance to shine. more »