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Colour and health

colour and health

Some scientists claim that colour can have a dramatic effect on our health. The theory is that all biochemical structure, whether they are human, plants or animals respond to light and as colours give out different amounts of light, each of them will automatically do us good or harm. more »

Corporal punishment

corporal punishment

There is independent school in Britain still to cane girls for misbehaving. The headmistress believes that if boys are beaten the girls must be too. They deserve equal punishment. more »

Law in Britain

law in britain

Law in Britain comes from two main sources: laws made in Parliament (usually drawn up by government departments and lawyers) and common law, which is based on previous judgments and customs. Just as there is no written constitution, so England and Wales have no criminal code and the interpretation of the law is based on what was happened in the past. The laws which are made in Parliament are interpreted by the courts, but changes in the law itself are made in Parliament. more »

Beauty worship in Japan

beauty in japan

Japan has unique traditions and customs. You can’t even imagine their traditional beauty worship. The Japanese have a secret that helped them to conquer the world. They will spend hours arranging simple black pebbles on a table. They rearrange an entire room to create the perfect space for a needle-thin vase to hold three strands of long grass. It’s difficult to overemphasize their passion for beauty, which permeates every aspect of their lives.

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Housing in Britain

Housing in Britain

Housing in Britain – best value for money.

Over half the people in Britain live in their own houses, about a third live in property rented from the local council and one in eight live in privately-rented accommodation. The total number of dwellings is more than 22 million and houses are much more common than flats. More than 40% of families live in a home built after 1945. Although the number of houses built during the 1980s went down (especially in the public housing sector traditionally provided by local authorities) the number of people owning their own homes has more than trebled in the last 35 years. Under the conservative government many people who previously rented their homes from the local council were given the opportunity to buy them. There tax incentives for people who buy their own houses. more »

Third World Countries

Third World CountriesThere was always place for poverty in the world. But if some centuries ago this problem was global, nowadays there is some kind of division. I mean some countries are rich, with highly developed industry; others are on the middle level of life. But there are also a great number of countries with poverty of terrible size, so called third world countries. I’d like to say some word about it, to reveal some aspects of one of the greatest problem of our civilization. Here are some facts about the critical situation in such countries. more »

The Wild World

Wild World, ttropical forestThe destruction of wild world is the problem of global seal. The growing amount of endangered species of wild animals and plants, the forest cutting down are the results of our planet pollutions and consumption-oriented human nature. And unless people do something the problem of wild world destruction will get even worse. more »

Generation Gap

generation gap, relationsGeneration gap exists always. The problems and misunderstandings between parents and their children are more pressing when they live together. Hundreds, thousands of European over the age of 20 still live in their parents’ home. Some do so out of sheer necessity when they have lost job or are unable to find one. Some seek the perpetuation of a warm and supportive parent-child relationship. Some find it just easier and creepier to stay in the nest. Whatever their reasons, increasing numbers of young Europeans, especially well-educated, middle class young adults are simply not leaving home. more »

Men and Women

men and womenLess than 100 years ago men thought that women were a mistake. They were silly and superficial, with no depth or intelligence. Those women were only interested in trivial things, not serious matters and were full of empty meaningless chatter. The women main purpose they consider was to look decorative and appealing to men. Husbands treated their wives as the property. more »

Space saving techniques, neighbours

Our surroundings is very important for our lives. But everyone has his own notion of a house with all facilities. For example, I know a man, who lives in a corridor seven meters long and well under two meters at its widest point. He uses space saving techniques. There is no room to swing a sparrow, let alone a cat. But it has five rooms and according to him – is an excellent venue for candlelit dinners for up to four. He has been living in this tubes-like home for the past 11 months. Since he moved in, the value of flats has multiplied five times. So he just can’t buy another one. I dear say than linear living like being on a barge, or living in a corridor like it. more »