Beauty worship in Japan

beauty in japan

Japan has unique traditions and customs. You can’t even imagine their traditional beauty worship. The Japanese have a secret that helped them to conquer the world. They will spend hours arranging simple black pebbles on a table. They rearrange an entire room to create the perfect space for a needle-thin vase to hold three strands of long grass. It’s difficult to overemphasize their passion for beauty, which permeates every aspect of their lives.

In a Tokyo market a little old woman wraps the broom you buy so meticulously that you hesitate to unwrap the package: it’s too perfect to spoil. You find yourself collecting Japanese carrier bags, soup wrappers and menu cards, simply because they are so lovely you can’t bring yourself to throw them out.
The Japanese obsession with beauty seems in comprehensible to western who see beauty as an indulgence to think about in their spare time. To the Japanese, however, it’s a necessity because it humanizes an overcrowded, polluted society. Beauty “worship” in Japan may even explain how a country with such problems maintains the lowest crime rate in the civilized world, and has virtually no drug problem.
For the Japanese, beauty can be found in everything: serving tea, slicing vegetables to perfection, painting magnificent pictures or pursuing martial art such as sumo wrestling. All these tasks are completely following age-old rules, and they become art forms.
This broad view of beauty and the people’s deep involvement within it, gives the Japanese a useful and unique method for coping with the problems of everyday modern life. For the Japanese know an important secret; there is nothing more satisfying to the human spirit than something which is now helping Japan to conquer the world by the quality-and-beauty of its products.

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8 Responses
  1. Олегsays:

    Да уж, у нас в России такого поклонения красоте нет. А жаль!

  2. Юлияsays:

    Beauty worship permeates every aspect of Japanese life.

  3. Marinasays:

    Отличная статья,восхищаюсь японцами и их культурой.Спасибо за прекрасное.

  4. Ильяsays:

    Japan is interesting country.

  5. Иринаsays:

    Восхищаюсь японцами как нацией, столько многовековых традиций сохранили, а какие патриоты! Японская модель воспитания детей мне тоже близка.

  6. Игорьsays:

    Japanese have passion for beauty!

  7. Юлияsays:

    Японцы — прекрасные люди. Они поклоняются не только красоте, они поклоняются своим традициям, своему делу! Наверное именно поэтому они делают на «отлично» все за что беруться, эти люди просто по другому не умеют!

  8. Давно мечтал изучить английский. Ваш сайт мне поможет.

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