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Men and Women

men and womenLess than 100 years ago men thought that women were a mistake. They were silly and superficial, with no depth or intelligence. Those women were only interested in trivial things, not serious matters and were full of empty meaningless chatter. The women main purpose they consider was to look decorative and appealing to men. Husbands treated their wives as the property. more »

Jokes «Men and Women» part 1

Men who pierce ears are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewellery.


A little boy asked his father , "Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?" "I don't know, son," replied his father, "I'm still paying for it"

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Space saving techniques, neighbours

Our surroundings is very important for our lives. But everyone has his own notion of a house with all facilities. For example, I know a man, who lives in a corridor seven meters long and well under two meters at its widest point. He uses space saving techniques. There is no room to swing a sparrow, let alone a cat. But it has five rooms and according to him – is an excellent venue for candlelit dinners for up to four. He has been living in this tubes-like home for the past 11 months. Since he moved in, the value of flats has multiplied five times. So he just can’t buy another one. I dear say than linear living like being on a barge, or living in a corridor like it. more »

The system for garbage disposal in Japan

The system for garbage disposal in Japan The cost of growth and development are already too high and the future is bleak unless we do something, the world will not be fit to live in. We need to re-think our whole way of life especial we should think of the system for garbage disposal.

The Japanese have a secret that has helped them to conquer the world. The will spend hours arranging simple black pebbles on a table. They rearrange an entire room to create the perfect space for a needle thin vase to holt three strands of long grass. It’s difficult to overemphasize their passion for beauty which permits every aspect of their lives. more »

The Problems of a Modern Life

The Problems of a Modern Life, drugsNowadays we try to cope with lots of problems of a modern life which have arisen in the modern life. The main problems, I’m sure, are connected with human relations. Almost everyone knows what does generation gap means. It exists always. The problems and misunderstandings between parents and children are more pressing when they live together. Hundreds thousands of Europeans over the age of 20 still live in their parents’ home. more »

Части речи в английском языке

Слова в любом языке делятся на части речи - классы, отличающиеся друг от друга по значению, форме и функциям, которые они выполняют в предложении. В английском языке обычно различают следующие части речи:

  • существительные (nouns)
  • местоимения (pronouns)
  • прилагательные (adjectives)
  • глаголы (verbs)
  • наречия (adverbs)
  • числительные (numerals)
  • союзы (conjunctions)
  • предлоги (prepositions)
  • артикли (articles)
  • междометие (interjection)

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