Third World Countries

Third World CountriesThere was always place for poverty in the world. But if some centuries ago this problem was global, nowadays there is some kind of division. I mean some countries are rich, with highly developed industry; others are on the middle level of life. But there are also a great number of countries with poverty of terrible size, so called third world countries. I’d like to say some word about it, to reveal some aspects of one of the greatest problem of our civilization. Here are some facts about the critical situation in such countries.

Malnutrition during the 1980s is increasing in many parts of the developing world, as well as infant mortality.

Education has also been affected. Primary school attendance has been falling; child labour has become more common.

The health services are acutely short of drugs. Health worker’s morale is low because of falling incomes, deteriorating facilities, and lack of money for day-to-day expenses.

These products are the end products of the servere economic recession since the 1930s. Developing countries were the victims of the world rescission of 1980-1983, of an almost unprecedented worsening in their terms trade and of an intolerable debt burden.

Children in many poor countries are dying of hunger and disease because of the greed in the developed world.

It seems as that our technological civilization develops, poverty, deprivation and death from malnutrition is increasing in the 3d world.

We seem to have solved all the problems in the developed world. We have virtually no death from malnutrition.

I think that this has been bought at the expense of poverty and hunger in the 3d world for following reasons:

-          Western countries are expert at manipulating market; developing countries have usually very few industries of their own. They rely on the sale of raw materials.  Western countries have used very clever techniques to drive down the prices of commodities and as a result the amount of money going to the 3d world has decreased over the last 30 years.

-          Western money-driven capitalism has hopes to destroy the environment of the 3d world. Good example of this is the rain forests of Brazil. Many many of the trees were cut down and sold to the west as logs and these were used for furniture. The result is that the habitat of many of the local people was destroyed resulted in death by hunger and disease. So we in the West have destroyed the forest just so that we can have good furniture. That is an example of the most terrible greed.

-          The West has used its sophisticated banking system to bleed the 3d world dry. Money, vast amount of it, were lent to corrupt the third world countries governments, who promised that they would used the funds for such purposes as building bridges, roads, factories and soon. But, in fact, most of it landed up in Swiss bank accounts and almost none of it was used in a purpose it was given. But people in the 3d world are still paying interest on those loans.

There are people who say that Western countries give aid, that they spread their technology to the 3d world ant that without 1st world the 3d world would be in far worse position. I don’t necessarily think that’s true. I reckon we’re given them some of the most terrible social problems that they never had before. And the way we deal with the 3d world is disgusting.

So in conclusion, I would say that although these are arguments against the proposition that children in poor countries are dying of hunger and disease because of greed in the developed world. I would largely support the statement and the sooner the developed world starts realistically working out ways of helping the poor countries the better.

Here are some possible reforms of policy to improve the long run efficiency of the economy: reforming financial markets, increasing interest rates, liberalization imports, privatizing state-owned assets, the allocation of the resources should also be improved. And one more thing, policies need to cut demand so as to lower imports, improve the trade balance and reduce the budget deficit.

The solution of all these problems is the way out of the terrible situation in the third world countries.


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