Corporal punishment

corporal punishment

There is independent school in Britain still to cane girls for misbehaving. The headmistress believes that if boys are beaten the girls must be too. They deserve equal punishment.

I think it’s a survival of the past. In the last centuries they punished girls in such a way and it was normal for them. But now we live in civilized world and corporal punishment breaks the man’s rights. It certainly should be banned by the Government.

A child is a person too and nobody can use violence even for only to shame him. Corporal punishment destroys trust and respect between children and parents or teachers.

I consider that corporal punishment isn’t the right way for up-bringing and unless it’s banned it will continue. It causes psychological problems in the child and in the adult the child becomes. Some children when they become adults will punish their children in such a way. It’s better to use moral influence such as conversations and explanations. If it isn’t help it’s possible to use punishment but not corporal.


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7 Responses
  1. Детей бить нельзя ни в коем случае. Есть масса других способов воздействия. Просто напрягитесь и подумайте.

  2. Игорьsays:

    Great Britain, probably, most conservative country in the world. Sometimes English traditions cause bewilderment.

  3. Валерийsays:

    Раз такая закрытая школа существует, значит это кому-то нужно. Я против физического наказания.

  4. Полностью согласен с Вами, Юлия! Что посеешь, то и пожнешь. Ни в коем случае нельзя применять физическое воздействие на ребенка. Это для него всегда огромная психологическая травма.

  5. Аннаsays:

    Not everybody believes that conversations and explanations will help. That’s the reason why we stil have such terrible thing as corporal punishment. Adults just have to try to be more patient to children.

  6. Ксанаsays:

    Есть масса других способов воздействия.

  7. Андрейsays:

    Corporal punishment is unacceptable in any age.

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