EDF Energy London Eye

EDF Energy London EyeLondoners marked the beginning of the new millennium by the construction of the largest European Ferris wheel on the Thames embankment. The new tourist attraction of London was called “the London Eye”. The structure is 135 meters high which is equal to the height of a 45-storey skyscraper. The creators of this magnificent project are architects Julia Barfield and David Marks. The London Eye sooner resembles a wheel of a giant bicycle but its name is probably explained by the fact that the citizens of the English capital and guests of the city can observe London panoramas from the bird’s eye view. Hardly had it been built when it already became one of the main places of interest in London. Today it has even more visitors than the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids of Egypt do.

Transparent cab-capsules are mounted on the rim of the wheel – each can accommodate up to twenty five people. There are thirty two capsules in general – in accord with the number of London suburbs. The huge structure is driven by two small engines though the weight of the Ferris wheel is 1700 tons! For half an hour, the time taken by the wheel for a complete revolution, its visitors can enjoy breathtaking views and sights of London like on their own palm. EDF Energy London Eye is a favorite place for loving couples and on the New Year and Christmas holidays it becomes one of the best platforms for viewing fireworks in the sky.

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