Jokes «Men and Women» part 2

A husband caught his wife in bed with another man and fury pulled out a gun ready to shoot him.

‘No, no, don’t kill him,’ pleaded the wife. ‘Who do you think paid for the new car? And that holiday? And who do you think paid for Kevin to go to that private school?’

‘Was that you?’ said the husband to the man.

‘Yes,’ spluttered the man, nodding. ‘Well get your clothes on then,’ said the husband. ‘You don’t want to catch cold now, do you?’


Tom and Sally had been married for 40 years. After Tom died Sally missed him terribly so she went to a medium and made a contact with him on the other side. ‘Tom, Tom,’ she said. ‘Is that really you?’

‘Yes, it’s me,’ said Tom.

‘Tell me,’ she asked ‘are you happy on the other side?’

‘Oh yes, very,’ replied Tom.

‘Happier than when you were alive and with me?’ asked Sally.

‘Yes Sally, I’m very much happier than when I was alive and with you,’ said Tom.

‘Gosh,’ said Sally. ‘Heaven must be such a wonderful place.’

‘Who said anything about heaven?’ said Tom.



The bellboy had carried the couple’s luggage up to a room on the sixth floor of the hotel and was rewarded with large tip.

‘Thank you sir,’ he said. ‘Can I get you anything else?’

‘No, thank you,’ said the man.

‘What about something for your wife, sir?’ asked the boy.

‘That’s a good idea,’ said the man. ‘Bring me a postcard to send to her.’



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  1. Моих знаний английского оказалось достаточно, чтобы понять этот английский юмор. с удовольствием прочитала и с радостью отметила, что поняла!!!

  2. Спасибо за зарядку для мозгов! Не упражнялась в английском со времени окончания университета. Но порох в пороховницах еще есть. Поняла все. Еще упражнения будут?

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    cute! thank you.

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    Thank you — this is awfully helpful !

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    Credit you — this is sheerest sympathetic !

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    cute! thank you.

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    Credit you — this is awfully sympathetic !

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