The Problems of a Modern Life

The Problems of a Modern Life, drugsNowadays we try to cope with lots of problems of a modern life which have arisen in the modern life. The main problems, I’m sure, are connected with human relations. Almost everyone knows what does generation gap means. It exists always. The problems and misunderstandings between parents and children are more pressing when they live together. Hundreds thousands of Europeans over the age of 20 still live in their parents’ home. Some do so out of sheer necessity when they have lost a job or are unable to find one. Some seek perpetuation of a warm and supportive parent-child relationship. Some find it just easier and cheaper to stay in the nest. Some of parents though have begun to rebel at what they see as flagrant exploitation by their own children. But I strong sure that anyway parents should support  their children as there is another big problem that is usually occurred to teenagers, and people who are about 20-25. I’m talking about the drug problem.

But just because someone takes a drug it doesn’t mean they will become addicted to it. At times almost all of us turn to drugs of one sort or another. Cigarettes and alcohol are, of course, the most common ones. But many of us also turn to sleeping tablets, tranquilizers or antidepressants to help relax and cope with the stress at tension of everyday life. In many ways children turn to their drugs for just the same reasons. Adolescence as we all knew, can be a difficult period .  Often it’s a time when we do not get on with our parents. And it’s a time when work can be a major problem. There are also frustration and boredom. All of which means that when someone, perhaps a friend offers a child something that is supposedly “fun” and everybody else is taking it, the pressures and curiosity are so great they may try it themselves.

Fortunately most children say “no”. Unfortunately, though, a disturbing number are saying “yes”. Most children grow out of it or simply decide they don’t like it and then stop. But a few go on to have a serious drug problem.

The most important people when it comes to coping with the drug problem may not be the police, doctors or social doctors. They could be parents.

The Problems of a Modern Life, terrorismAnother big problem of the modern life is terrorism. Is terrorism just brutal unthinking violence? No. Experts agree that there is almost always a strategy behind terrorist actions, whether it takes the form of bombing, shooting, hijacking or assassinations, terrorism is neither random, spontaneous nor blind. It’s a deliberate use of violence against civilians for political or religious ands.

But is it possible to prevent terrorism? Sometimes Yes. Inelegance can stop some kind of terrorism, or disrupt a terrorist attack. But experts say that if a competent terrorist organization can operate freely and keep its operations secret; stopping its attacks may be extremely difficult.

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