Men and Women

men and womenLess than 100 years ago men thought that women were a mistake. They were silly and superficial, with no depth or intelligence. Those women were only interested in trivial things, not serious matters and were full of empty meaningless chatter. The women main purpose they consider was to look decorative and appealing to men. Husbands treated their wives as the property.
As children, middle-class women would learn to cook, sew, keep house and perhaps to sing and play a musical instruments. They have to attract a good husband, of course. He would ask the woman’s father for permission to marry her and she would be handed over from one man to another like a parcel. There were few respectable jobs that women could do. They could look after other people’s children or teach singing. Acting was considered immoral.
The 1st world war marked a great change for women. For the 1st time they needed in offices and factories to fill the places of men at war. They proved they were just as good as, if not better, men, even at hard manual labour.
Now women are theoretically liberated. They can vote and find work but they still have little social, political or economic power. Few top jobs are held by women. In some job they still receive less pay than men for the same work on the whole; the upbringing of children is still the mother’s responsibility rather than the fathers.
But things are changing. Some people argue that men and women are going become more and more equal. More and more images have begun to appear in the media of men taking care of children and doing the housework. This reflects what is happening in society. This trend will continue. Some people also argue that many women will be happy to stay at home just like their mothers and grandmothers did in the past. Some people say that there will never be equality between men and women. To my mind it depends on the personality of a man and a woman.

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  1. Dansays:

    To my mind it also depends on the religion.

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