Colour and health

colour and health

Some scientists claim that colour can have a dramatic effect on our health. The theory is that all biochemical structure, whether they are human, plants or animals respond to light and as colours give out different amounts of light, each of them will automatically do us good or harm.

The idea that colour affects our health because our skin has ‘eyes’ is supported by research in New England USA, where 25 volunteers were exposed to blue light for limited period, then to red light for the same amount of time. The blue light lowered the blood pressure of all the volunteers learning leaving them very calm. But when the light became red they all grew more active and in some cases, even aggressive as their blood pressures soared.

The most interesting thing about this study is that a small proportion of the volunteers were blind. Theo Cimbel is one of the Britain’s leading colour therapists, and he believes that colour can be as powerful as drug, but he’s quick to point out that wearing nothing but certain colour isn’t going to improve our health overnight. To see any real result you need the help of the colour therapist and special treatment over a long period of time.

Skeptics may say it’s all a case of mind over matter, if you really believe that blue light is helping your headache or blood pressure, then it probably will.


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  1. Иринаsays:

    Я тоже верю, что на наше здоровье оказывают влияние различные цвета.

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